Health care reform subsidy sizes vary from state to state

U.S. Health Care Reform Update

Depending on where people live, they may be receiving greater assistance for purchasing health insurance. Among the main elements of the health care reform is the subsidizing of the purchase of private insurance coverage for many Americans, in order to help to make sure that the coverage remains affordable for these individuals and families. However, all subsidies are not created equal, and people in some states are receiving more of them than others. Approximately 85 percent of the people who used the health care reform exchange websites in order to…

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Report suggests that health care reform has been a success

health insurance news care reform

Report shows that 5.4 million people have obtained insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act A new report released by the Urban Institute shows that 5.4 million people have received health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The controversial health care reform law has been the subject of contention since its passage in 2010. Opponents of the law have long argued that the law would make insurance coverage significantly more expensive, prohibiting people from acquiring the coverage they need. The report, however, suggests that the law may have been…

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Health insurance: the most and least expensive U.S. markets

health insurance rates highest and lowest

The cost associated with buying coverage varies widely across the country. Although the health care reform included the development and implementation of exchanges that were designed to allow consumers to be able to compare and purchase the right health insurance at the most affordable price, the varying cost of coverage across the country has remained as present as it ever was. Depending where the plans are being purchased, policyholders may find themselves paying more or less. There are many different factors that are considered when it comes to calculating health…

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Health care reform puts pressure on state’s insurance initiative

Children’s Health Insurance Program kids

Pennsylvania insurance program manages to find new life despite health care reform provisions Pennsylvania has been fighting to keep its Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) intact as federal health care reform provisions begin to be enacted. The state program is considered one of the most successful insurance initiatives in Pennsylvania and it has provided insurance coverage for children and their families for some time now. The state is, however, being pressured to expand its Medicaid program, which would make insurance coverage more accessible to those that currently receive coverage through…

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Health insurance exchanges open their doors today despite gov. shutdown!

Health insurance exchanges - American healthcare reforms

After all of the controversy and planning for the central element of the Affordable Care Act, the day has arrived. Following considerable controversy and attempts to put a stop to the healthcare reforms, the most public-facing portion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s crown jewel, has now arrived for Americans in the form of health insurance exchanges that are opening their doors for enrollment in every state across the country. Regardless of the government shutdown, Obama has announced that millions of Americans can begin shopping for…

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