Auto insurance rates are headed up due to claims and litigation

Louisiana Auto Insurance rates

The drivers in Louisiana are familiar with rising premiums, and now they are given another reason why. An auto insurance rates study has added some confirmation for residents in Louisiana who have been wondering why their premiums have been steadily rising and are now continuing to do so. The study didn’t necessarily discover anything new but it did prove what had previously been believed. What it found was that in a state where the auto insurance premiums are recognized as among the highest in the country – particularly in Baton…

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State Farm maintains stability regardless of record breaking 2011 storms

State Farm has announced that although they faced a significant number of payments for catastrophe claims from some of the largest events in the quarter century history of the company, it has been able to maintain its financial strength. In 2011, State Farm’s combined net worth fell by $0.4 billion by the end of the year, bringing it to $60.8 billion. This includes the drop by $0.2 billion in the insurance company’s net worth in connection with the unaffiliated stock portfolios of the property and casualty companies. Moreover, those figures…

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Farmers Insurance and State Farm look to raise rates on home insurance in Texas

Farmers Insurance Group, one of the largest insurers in the U.S., has unveiled plans to raise rates on homeowner’s insurance policies in Texas. The new rates, if approved by state regulators, will take effect next year. The company cites the growing number of high cost claims that has been streaming in since 2008 as reason for higher premiums. The proposal for higher rates from Farmers Insurance comes on the heels of a similar proposal from State Farm that would have the same effect on homeowner’s policies. The insurer is seeking…

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