State Farm boosts working flexibility for insurance employees

Insurance employees - Person working from home

The company has just announced new ways for its workers to do their jobs both in the office and at home. State Farm has announced that it is adding greater flexibility for its insurance employees by introducing new hybrid roles. These will make it possible for workers to spend some of their time doing their jobs at the office and the rest of their tasks can be completed from home. The new approach is meant to improve efficiency within current and future insurance jobs. This new strategy for more flexibility…

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State Farm Insurance rate reductions are inadequate, billions in fines may follow

California State Farm Insurance Rate Notice of Noncompliance

The California Department of Insurance has issued a notice of noncompliance to the insurer. California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones ordered a State Farm insurance rate reduction in December 2016. The Department of Insurance has now issued a noncompliance notice to the insurer for failing to reduce premiums as mandated. The insurance company was ordered to reduce renters and homeowners insurance rates by an average of 7 percent. This State Farm insurance rate decrease would save consumers $84 million over the span of a year. Moreover, the insurance company was also…

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State Farm receives A.M. Best top ratings scores

 State Farm General Insurance Company’s financial strength rating (FSR) and issuer credit rating (ICR) have been revised by A.M. Best Co., upgrading them from their previous “A-“ (Excellent) to a current “A” (Excellent), in both cases.   State Farm Group and State Farm Life Group and their members have also received an FSR and ICR of “A++” (Superior) by Best.  State Farm Fire and Casualty Company in Dallas, State Farm Indemnity Group, and State Farm International Life Insurance Company, Ltd, also had had their FSR and ICR affirmed by Best. All…

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