State Farm issues thousands of California home insurance non-renewals

California home insurance - Non-Renewals

The insurer is also withdrawing from the sale of commercial apartment policies in the state State Farm recently announced that it will be issuing around 30,000 non-renewal notices California home insurance and rental homeowners policies. The purpose of the decision is to ensure business sustainability in that market According to State Farm, the decision to issue the non-renewal notices within the California home insurance market is to “ensure its long-term sustainability” there.  It called the choice “difficult but necessary”. The non-renewals will impact around 30,000 homeowners, rental homeowners, and other…

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State Farm Insurance Companies announce their 2021 financial results

Insurance Companies - Financial Results

The insurers experienced record growth in home, auto and life policies last year. Last year, State Farm Insurance Companies brought in record growth in their home, auto, and life policies. In 2021, the insurer experienced record level growth in its auto business but earned premium dropped. Even though State Farm Insurance Companies experienced record growth in auto policies, it saw a year-over-year drop in its earned premium in that category. The falling auto premium is a continuation of the impact of its focus on bringing value back to customers in…

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Appeals court shuts down California home insurance ruling

California home insurance - Ruling

Consumer advocates say they’ll be bringing the case to the California Supreme Court. A California home insurance ruling has been overturned in appeals court, but consumer advocates say they’ll take the case to the state supreme court to reverse that decision. Consumer advocates said the ruling undermines the ability of the state to order billions in refunds. The state appeals court in San Diego rejected a 2016 finding from the state insurance commissioner, which found that a subsidiary of State Farm was overcharging on its California home insurance rates. The…

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