Hurricane Florence insurance losses will be within insurers’ ability to manage

Hurricane Florence Insurance - Storm Blowing in

Standard & Poor’s has predicted that the industry losses left by the storm will not have a significant financial impact. The Standard & Poor’s rating agency announced it doesn’t feel the Hurricane Florence insurance losses will be anything the industry cannot manage. Moreover, it forecasted that the insurance and reinsurance industries will not be significantly impacted by those losses. Despite the “material insured losses” left by the hurricane, the storm is not expected to harm insurers. The North Carolina coast was the first to be struck when the storm made…

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Insurance claims from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 expected to be small

insurance claims

A new analysis by Standard & Poor’s has shown that insurers and reinsurers will find losses manageable. Standard & Poor’s Corp. has now issued the results of an analysis regarding the insurance claims that are expected to arise from the loss of flight 370 of Malaysia Airlines, and they have stated that they will more than likely be manageable for both insurers and reinsurers. They have predicted that the disappearance of the plane will generate insured losses of $250 million to $450 million. The final total regarding these insurance claims…

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S&P introduces new factor for ratings assessment

International Insurance fund news

Firm to consider country risk in evaluation process Standard &Poor’s (S&P) a leading credit firm that provides ratings for the world’s insurance companies, has announced that it will begin considering country risk when evaluating insurers. Country risk refers to the risks associated in investing in certain countries. These risks can change depending on economic climate, the state of a country’s various businesses, and numerous political factors. The changes to the firm’s evaluation process will affect all lines of insurance and will be used to issue revised ratings to insurance companies.…

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