Marriage insurance takes off following a rash of cheating among celebrities

Wedding Marriage Insurance

This trend has been heaviest in China, where social media has reported infidelities among some top stars. As news of major celebrity divorces, infidelities, and other relationship-ending occurrences started making its rounds throughout social media sites in China, recently, the number of people who have been looking into marriage insurance has suddenly started to rise. It looks as though many people are starting to take this relationship news personally and want to protect themselves. Among the largest reports that have caused marriage insurance to increase in popularity was that Wen…

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5 Medical Insurance Ideas Post-Retirement

Medicare 2012

Similar to planning your pension or retirement fund, planning your medical insurance for post retirement is largely a case of future planning. Taking into consideration the current global economic situation, we are living in a time of great financial insecurity. By planning ahead, we can hopefully try to cushion any unexpected financial changes, be it personal finances or state finances. These issues are hard to bracket into one general group, as everybody’s financial and personal situation is individual but these tips might help to get you on the right track…

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