Disability insurance is lacking among most NFL players

football players and disability insurance premiums

The majority of these athletes don’t purchase these policies, despite the risks they face. According to data released by underwriters, the vast majority of players for the National Football League (NFL), don’t actually purchase disability insurance, even though they run a considerable risk of sustaining an injury at some point throughout their career in professional football. While some players don’t want to have to pay for the coverage, others won’t buy for other reasons. The fact does remain that there are many players who don’t want to actually have to…

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Insurance news doesn’t look good for Canadian Olympic hockey team

insurance news Team Canada hockey Olympics

Team Canada has been kept off the orientation camp ice due to the prohibitive cost of insuring its players. Steve Yzerman, the executive director of the national men’s hockey team for Canada that is headed to the Sochi Olympics, has announced the insurance news that the coverage for the players was too costly for them to be able to take part in their orientation camp. Though he said that he’d like to have had the players practice, the costs were too high to make that happen. The four day orientation…

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Insurance news made when high school football player inspires law

football sports student insurance news

The Governor of Illinois has just signed a new bill that was inspired by an injured student. Pat Quinn, the Governor of Illinois, has just signed a new bill into law, making insurance news when he added his signature while visiting Eisenhower High School, located in Blue Island Illinois. The reason that the signing occurred at that high school was that the law was inspired by one of its students. The insurance news started back in the year 2000, when a student at Eisenhower, who was on the football team,…

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Insurance news for Canadian Olympic hockey could cause struggles

insurance policy news olympic hockey NHL

Coverage issues have added doubt to the ability of players from Canada to head to Sochi. Hockey Canada has been dealing with a number of different issues in finalizing its plans to be able to send hockey players to the Olympic orientation camp in August 2013, but bad insurance news is continuing to stand in the way. If the current situation doesn’t turn around, it may mean that the players won’t be able to skate after all. The CEO of Hockey Canada, Bob Nicholson, has said that no decision has…

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Extreme sports insurance and ski safety tips are important for starting the season

extreme sports Insurance - ski

Skiers are cautioned to start the winter off right by taking appropriate precautions. In some areas of the world, the ski season has already started and is in full tilt, but a snowboarding accident in Chamonix is serving as a reminder that extreme sports insurance is just as vital this year as it has been in previous years. A British student is currently on life support because of a crash experienced on the slopes. The Alps are currently having record snowfalls, which could mean a good season, but it is…

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Insurance news from the NHL shows it is too expensive for Crosby to play

Insurance News - Sidney Crosby

Sid the Kid may find his premiums prohibitive if he wants to hit the ice during the lockout. Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby is making insurance news after having discovered that if he wants to play elsewhere while the NHL remains locked out, he will be facing some steep premiums. There are a number of factors that have caused the price of the player’s coverage to spike. Specifically, the young hockey player’s tremendous salary, in combination with his history of experiencing injuries to his head, are what is…

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Insurance news in unregulated extreme sports businesses draws industry’s attention

Insurance news headlines a uninsured parasailing incident

Some companies require nothing more than an operator’s license. A recent case in Pompano Beach, Florida, is making insurance news as it draws the attention of the industry, as a woman fell to her death while parasailing on August 15 and the company offering the excursion was not insured. All that was legally required for its operation was a business permit due to the lack of regulation. The woman was Kathleen Miskell, who went parasailing through a boat operator that needed only a basic occupational license for the vehicle and…

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