Homeowners insurance may not be providing the added coverage policyholders want

homeowners insurance home warranty

As the summer fades away and winter looms ahead, people are buying added protection for possible emergencies. The coverage from homeowners insurance is vital in the case of a fire, a burst water pipe, or even when a tree falls over into the house, as it provides coverage for all or part of the repair costs, but many policyholders aren’t entirely certain as to what coverage they have. This is risky because not understanding coverage means that the protection may not be adequate. This can also mean that if an…

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Don’t get left at the alter without wedding insurance

Inflation has taken its toll on everything; including the price of weddings. Research shows the average cost for a wedding is between $15,000 and $25,000. If you went out and bought a car that costs this much; you would insure it. People insure their homes, art collections, even their pets; it only makes sense to protect your wedding investment also. Wedding insurance sales are on the rise. With the average cost of a wedding being so much, many people are opting to have insurance coverage for their special event. Statistics…

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