Wedding insurance now recommended to protect against fights

Wedding Insurance

Planners and industry experts feel that additional coverage can only help newlyweds. Following the increasing instances of fights breaking out at receptions, many planners and industry experts are now recommending that couples purchase wedding insurance to cover against the damage that could occur as a result of these unexpected circumstances. The importance of coverage has become all the more clear with the high profile fights in Philadelphia. The massive brawl that occurred in Philadelphia and that rapidly had its video go viral, providing a clear image of how rapidly, and…

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Wedding insurance: the most common types of claims

Wedding insurance: buy it or drive thru… It isn’t common to hear about wedding-related claims in headline insurance news, but the fact is that there are a growing number of claims being made by future brides and grooms as well as newlyweds. Couples have a great deal to worry about and there are a number of risks that apply to the day that is likely to be the most expensive celebration that they will throw in their lifetimes. Travelers is among the insurers that are now offering a Wedding Protector Plan,…

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