Crop insurance available for winter wheat

us crop insurance program

The Department of Agriculture has now given its approval for coverage in all South Dakota counties. A new decision has been made with regards to the availability of crop insurance in South Dakota, as growers in all counties of the state can now obtain coverage for winter wheat, which is good news to them as well as other industries, as well. In fact, pheasant and duck hunters may also be quite pleased by this new insurance coverage decision. The departments of Agriculture and of Game, Fish, and Parks, in South…

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Study highlights cost of health insurance for state employees

Health Insurance time decision

States are spending $31 billion a year on covering their workers A new study from Pew Charitable Trusts shows that states have paid some $31 billion to ensure that their workers have health insurance coverage. The study is meant to offer some insight into the largest source of a state’s health care spending. Medicaid spending pales in comparison to the amount of money spent on keeping state workers covered through insurance plans. The amount of money being spent by states varies and is largely based on the insurance plans that…

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