Casino Cyber Siege: How MGM and Caesars Attacks Highlight the Power of Cyber Insurance

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In late 2023, two of the most iconic names in the hospitality industry—MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment—fell victim to significant cyberattacks. These breaches underscore the growing threat of cybercrime and highlight a dramatic shift in the digital battleground. Beyond a simple wake-up call for cybersecurity measures, these incidents showcase the pivotal role of cyber insurance in mitigating financial and operational damages and providing a lifeline during the chaos of a cyber crisis. The Attacks: What Happened? MGM Resorts International Russian hacker group, ALPHV, infiltrated MGM’s systems with a crippling ransomware…

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Should More States Help Agents Find Insurance Leads?

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Last month, California made headlines when Covered California handed out thousands of consumer’s information to insurance agents without their expressed interest to be contacted. According to LA Times reporter Chad Terhune, the names given were of people who had signed up on the Covered California website, but had not finished the enrollment process. Was this an act of assistance on the part of the state or a complete breach of privacy? The larger question is “should other states follow suit?” Why Use an Insurance Lead Company? Generally, insurance agents find…

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The safety of online storage remains unsure as thousands of insurance documents are left unprotected

As states continue to labor toward health insurance exchanges, there have been concerns raised regarding the safety of medical and insurance documents stored online. These concerns stem from a provision of the Affordable Care Act that has health care and insurance professionals store consumer information electronically to allow quick and easy access. Electronic storage will be a major part of the coming online insurance exchanges, as it will allow doctors to access important medical information when treating patients. The safety of these documents has been questioned as hackers continue to…

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