The Power of Social Media in the Insurance Industry

social media and the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry can benefit from social media Social media can be a powerful tool for consumers and businesses alike. Platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter offer companies an opportunity to engage consumers in a more dynamic way, while also serving as platforms for consumers to express their opinions about the products and services that a company may be offering. For the insurance industry, social media can be quite important to maintaining credibility. Insurance is often a controversial issue, with many companies being seen as disconnected from consumers entirely. A…

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Paradiso Insurance launches social media campaign to raise funds for tornado relief

In an effort to take advantage of the rampant popularity of social media, Paradiso Insurance, an insurance group based in Connecticut, has launched a new campaign aimed at helping the American Red Cross. Using social media has become a popular tool for the insurance industry recently. The industry often uses social media as a way to investigate claims as well as connect with customers. Paradiso believes that social media is a good platform to attract new consumers and is attempting to bolster its presence online. As such, the company is…

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