Auto insurance discount could be in the future for winter tire users

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In Nova Scotia, Canada, drivers may soon be benefitting from reduced premiums for putting on their ‘snows’. The provincial government of Nova Scotia in Canada is now looking into new legislation similar to that which is already in place in Ontario, which would require that auto insurance companies offer a discount to drivers who purchase and install winter tires on their cars, SUVS, pickups and vans. At the moment, the regulation has not yet been passed, but it is something that is being seriously considered. In Ontario, the auto insurance…

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Auto insurance discount coming to Ontario drivers with snow tires

Toronto Canada Auto ride share Insurance Discounts

The province has recently made its budget announcement and the government has continued its effort to lower rates. The Liberal government of Ontario, Canada, has now announced that it has made another line of changes to the auto insurance discount regulations in the province, as it continues its effort to bring down the costs associated to coverage for motorists. Among the regulations that have now been announced is one requiring auto insurance companies to reward drivers using snow tires. The provincial government also recently announced a number of other types…

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