Insurance rates for medical marijuana uses rise, regardless of how it is used

Medical Marijuana Auto insurance statistics

Even if this substance is used medically through vaporizers or consumption, users are still deemed “smokers”. Earlier in the summer of 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that patients in the country who have legal prescriptions for the use of medical marijuana now have the right to take it in any form, including consumption in food, teas, oils, or smoking, but those patients have been falling into an interesting category when it comes to their insurance rates, regardless of how the drug is used. Many medical marijuana users have…

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Research shows insured obese individuals pay much higher monthly premiums

A report by eHealth, Inc., eHealthInsurance’s parent company, has been released as a supplement to its previous “Cost and Benefits” report from November 2011, and examines the influence that a policyholder’s body mass index (BMI) and smoking habits have on the premiums that he or she pays for individual health insurance every month. According to the research: • Obese policyholders pay an average premium every month that is 22.6 percent higher ($240) than individuals whose BMI is considered to be “Normal” ($143). • The average monthly health insurance premium paid…

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Smokers are increasingly required to pay more for their health insurance

Starting on January 1, 2012, Dallas County employees in Texas will be required to pay an additional monthly $50 on their health insurance premiums if they smoke. This increase in premiums will not be charged to nonsmokers, but will also apply to each of the employee’s family members who smoke and who are covered by the health insurance plan provided by the county through the worker’s employment. According to Dallas County, there will be a medical cost savings of $500,000 as soon as next year as a result of this…

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