Auto insurance card can be displayed on smartphones in Texas

electronic proof of auto insurance

A new law means that drivers in the state will soon be able to show an electronic version of their proof of coverage. A new law has just been passed in Texas which means that in a short while, they will be able to use their smartphones to display a digital version of their proof of auto insurance coverage when they need to show this information to a police officer, someone with whom they have been involved in an accident, and other purposes. All that is required is that the…

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Proof of California auto insurance goes mobile

California auto insurance has just taken a high tech step forward with electronic proof of coverage. Rooting around to find proof of coverage when you’ve been pulled over is about to become a thing of the past as California auto insurance goes electronic and a new bill allows motorists to use their smartphones to provide the proof of a policy. This will be an acceptable form of proof regardless of the situation. Whether you are pulled over by a police officer, or if you need to exchange information following a…

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