Health insurance for small businesses still being considered by Walmart

Walmart health Insurance

The retail giant is still deciding whether or not it is interested in entering into that sector of the industry. Though no commitment has yet been made by Walmart, the massive retailer has indicated that it is still considering the option of offering health insurance to small businesses. It has already invested a great deal into its pharmacies, but it is taking care with future steps. Last week, there were discussions about the company’s interest in becoming involved in the small business health insurance sector, which is an area where…

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Pennsylvania insurance regulators see their rate review authority expanded with new law

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has had its authority over insurance rates for small employer health care policies expanded this week. On Thursday, Governor Tom Corbett signed Senate Bill 1336 into law, giving regulators the power to adjust the insurance rates in the small group market. For the first time, state insurance regulators will be able to review and disapprove new rate proposals coming from insurers. They will also be able to require insurers to justify their need for a rate increase and demand changes if necessary. Insurance Commissioner Mike Consedine…

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