Health insurance exchange for small businesses is coming

health insurance for small business

Small businesses will have to comply with insurance provisions this year This year, small businesses in the U.S. will have to comply with the insurance mandate provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The federal law requires employers to provide their workers with insurance coverage, but businesses with less than 50 full-time employees had been exempt from this provision for some time. The federal government had opted to exempt small businesses from the insurance mandate in order to provide them with more time to prepare themselves for the financial implications of…

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Health insurance exchange for small businesses may be delayed in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Health Insurance

Insurance Commissioner calls for a delay small business insurance marketplace New Hampshire Insurance Commissioner Roger Sevingy has recommended that the state wait to implement a health insurance exchange for small businesses. Provisions of the Affordable Care Act called for the creation of insurance exchanges for consumers and exchanges for small businesses in order to expand the availability of insurance coverage. The federal government has, however, opted to delay the enactment of provisions that focus on insurance coverage and small business in order to allow these businesses time to prepare for…

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Health insurance options limitations annoys small businesses

washington health insurance exchange

As of next year, the only state (aside from two counties) without a “SHOP” will be Washington. In 2014, other than two counties near the border of Oregon, the only state that won’t have a Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), will be Washington, which means that the small employers across that state won’t have health insurance options that will bring them the federal tax credits that would help to keep the cost of the coverage for their workers down under the Affordable Care Act. Although the state has dozens…

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Health insurance trust formed in Indiana

Indiana insurance industry

Access to federal exchange has been restricted Federal health insurance exchanges in the U.S. were meant to offer coverage options for small groups and businesses, but this feature of the exchange initiative has been put on hold until 2015, at the earliest. The decision to postpone this aspect of federal exchanges is meant to provide the exchange network with more time to iron out the multitude of technical problems it has been having over the past month. The problem, however, is that this means many small groups and businesses that…

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Small business health insurance marketplace to be delayed until next year

Small Business health insurance

The changes that were made for the start of December are focused on selling to individuals. As the last month of the year gets going and massive changes were made to the federal exchange website, it is now known that an online small business health insurance marketplace will still be delayed until 2014. The troubled site has put off the launch of this feature until just under a year from now. As the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services reminds Americans that the implementation of fixes to the website “do…

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