Ongoing funding for children’s health insurance sought by Senator Bob Casey

Children’s Health Insurance Program

The U.S. Senator has stated that he is in opposition of the push by congressional Republicans to reduce the funds. If congressional Republicans were to have their way, then the popular federal children’s health insurance program (CHIP) would be reduced in size, in a move that U.S. Senator Bob Casey has said that he will oppose. Casey explained that he would like Congress to progress with a reauthorization of CHIP into 2019. Senator Casey held a conference call with reporters in which he explained that he is hopeful that Congress…

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Senator Casey appeals to PA Insurance Commissioner Consedine for better sinkhole damage coverage for homeowners

United States Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), has addressed Insurance Commissioner Michael Consedine, of Pennsylvania, and has asked for assistance for homeowners in covering themselves against the devastation that can be caused by sinkholes. What Senator Casey has called for is the help of the insurance industry to make homeowners more aware of what overage they have to protect them against the cost of sinkhole damages in the event that one should occur. In order to make this request, Senator Casey sent a letter to Commissioner Consedine, which said that all…

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