Homeowners insurance costs a top priority for Texas Lawmaker

Texas Homeowners Insurance

As the state has already been ranked as one of the most expensive in the country, suggestions are being sought. A lawmaker in Texas has just addressed the insurance industry in the state, requesting that they come up with a way to help to reduce the consistently high homeowners insurance rates for residents. Texas is continually being ranked as one of the three most expensive states in the U.S. for this coverage. The other two states at the top of the expensive homeowners insurance rates list are Louisiana and Florida.…

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Texas insurance bill promises transparency

Texas is making a move to ensure the transparency of the state’s insurance industry. Legislators are toiling over a bill, dubbed the Texas Insurance Awareness and Affordability Act, which will require insurers to provide exhaustive information regarding any changes in policies. There have been growing concerns about how insurers determine their rate hikes recently, driving demand for more transparency. The bill is seeking to garner explanations on proposed premium increases in a language that everyone can understand. State insurers would be requires, upon changes in policy, to provide a side-by-side…

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