Insurers and licensees alike concerned over Michigan cannabis liability insurance

Cannabis liability insurance - cannabis growers

The state’s new legislation could force insurers and licensees to suddenly jump through complex hoops. Michigan’s new cannabis liability insurance legislation has now become effective and may unintentionally force companies and their insurers in the state to have to scramble to ensure they are compliant with the mandatory and complex changes. The state moved forward in quite a surprising way with the requirements without consulting the insurance industry. The Michigan cannabis liability insurance regulations went into effect quite suddenly without consultation with the insurance industry on the mandates’ feasibility. Many…

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Agents in Massachusetts push for insurers to discontinue their use of credit score

Independent insurance agents in Massachusetts are looking to bar credit scores from playing a part in the pricing of auto insurance. The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) is leading the charge, hoping to gain enough support from the public and insurance companies to ensure that factors like occupation, education and credit score do not contribute to the overall cost of insurance. Unfortunately, a number of prestigious insurance companies have rallied against the proposal. MAIA holds that auto insurance prices should be dependent upon an individual’s driving record, not their…

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