Self-driving cars could lead to the end of the auto insurance industry

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Automated vehicles could be a significant risk for insurers, but not in the traditional sense Automated driving could place the auto insurance industry at risk, at least to some degree. Self-driving cars are already a reality, but such vehicles are currently only available for testing purposes. These vehicles are praised as being safer than their conventional counterparts, largely because they are not operated by humans. Human error is the leading cause of most car accidents, and removing people from the driving equation could have a major impact on the auto…

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Insurance news about self-driving cars will be hard to predict

Driverless self-driving car Google auto insurance

As Google’s driverless vehicles start to hit the spotlight, coverage for owners has become a major question. The next wave of insurance news over a brand new industry that will need coverage that is unlike anything else that the world has ever seen, is now attracting some serious attention as Google’s self-driving cars are becoming increasingly “real”. Auto insurers are now starting to take these driverless vehicles much more seriously, as they’re on their way. According to an insurance news statement made by PricewaterhouseCoopers in a report that was published…

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Driverless cars may be a problem for the auto insurance industry

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Self-driving vehicles need legislative attention Driverless vehicles could be a disruptor for the auto insurance market, but they will have to overcome several legislative hurdles before they can do so. When it comes to the law, self-driving cars become a very complicated matter. For instance, when such a car is involved in a collision, where the blame can be placed for the incident can be difficult to determine. This is something that auto insurance companies and lawmakers are grappling with. Insurers are forming a better understanding of self-driving cars and…

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Auto insurance for self-driving vehicles is a hot topic in California

Self driving car auto insurance

State regulators are beginning to show more attention to insurance issues involving automaked vehicles Self-driving cars could become more common in the future and this may have an impact on auto insurance. The California Department of Insurance is advising the state’s insurance companies to prepare for the eventual proliferation of automated vehicles. Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has been gathering data about these vehicles and the technology behind them, hoping that insurers will use this data to adapt more quickly to a future where drivers are a thing of the past.…

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