Scandal insurance is taking off to protect against celebrity disgrace

Scandal insurance - Man Covering his Face

Famous people suffering reputation disasters can cause entire projects and brand deals to collapse. Celebrities are always in the spotlight, driving brands, studios and projects to purchase scandal insurance to an increasing degree. After all, when most of us do something foolish or naughty, the worst we will typically suffer is embarrassment. A celebrity could face career-ending catastrophe from the wrong slip-up. This can bring down everything they’re connected with, in the process. The larger a celebrity’s poor judgment in a circumstance, the greater the threat exposure. As a result,…

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What does reputation insurance have to offer?

Both individuals and companies run the risk of having malicious statements made about them in the social media, online forums, websites, along with growing mobile commerce trends as well as blogs, and as this is the case, they may benefit from purchasing insurance coverage that has been designed to protect their reputation on the internet. However, at the same time, these individuals and companies may wonder whether or not this coverage will indeed be worth their while. Many people would argue that because reputation is a person or business’s most…

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