Homeowners insurance tax credit becoming better recognized in South Carolina

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Residents of the state are increasing their awareness and are taking advantage of it at an increasing rate. According to recent news data, the number of people who are taking advantage of a tax credit for homeowners insurance purchased for hurricane and flood coverage is on its way up in South Carolina. The state tax credit is currently available for an amount of up to $1,250 per property owner. The latest data has shown that the number of homeowners insurance customers who are taking advantage of this tax credit in…

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Homeowners insurance in South Carolina could see premiums reduction

Homeowners Insurance

A new bill would introduce considerable reform to the property owners of the state. A legislator in South Carolina has taken the first shot at implementing major changes to the homeowners insurance system in the state for the first time in six years, with the goal of bringing down the cost of the coverage. The proposed bill would offer coastal insurers with tax credits and provide consumers with improved comparison shopping. This homeowners insurance bill was introduced by state Senator Tom Davis (R-Beaufort) and will open the debate regarding a…

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