Esurance same sex partner insurance to benefit drivers in domestic partnerships

Esurance same sex partner insurance

Motorists in 25 states could save 10 percent on their monthly premiums. Personal car insurer, Esurance, has just announced that it is now offering same sex partner insurance to drivers living in civil unions and domestic partnerships in 21 states across the nation, and that this number could rise to 25 in the near future. This provides committed couples in these relationships the opportunity to save on their premiums. It is not an offer that is being extended exclusively to drivers in these partnerships, but is actually broadening the program…

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Court rules denial of benefits to same-sex couples to be discrimination

Same sex insurance coverage ruling The chief judge in a San Francisco court has deemed the denial of insurance benefits for a same-sex spouse to be a discriminatory act, and has ordered that the couple in the case be compensated for the costs they incurred for private insurance. The case involved the same-sex spouse of a federal court employee who had been denied insurance coverage. However, those payments may not be fast to arrive, as the courts will now consider the Defense of Marriage Act’s constitutionality, as this law from…

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