Insurance plans for same sex couples now offered to Publix employees

same sex couple insurance plans health care reform

The chain store has now started insuring spouses that are legally married, no matter their gender. In Florida, the county court clerks have now started to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples and the grocery and pharmacy chain, Publix, has responded by extending its insurance plans to cover any legal spouses of its employees. The company had intended to start to offer this health insurance coverage to same sex couples, regardless of state law. The issuing of the marriage licenses to same sex couples has become a legal duty…

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Health insurance for married same sex couples now offered by Blue Cross

Same Sex Couples health insurance

The largest insurer in Alabama is now required to comply with a federal rule to treat all married couples equally. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, the largest health insurance company in the state, is now offering spousal coverage to same sex couples that are legally married, so that the insurer will comply with a federal regulation that states that all married couples must be treated equally regardless of their sexual orientation. A spokesperson for the insurance company said that the same sex spousal coverage started being offered this year.…

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Health insurance for same sex couples in Indiana causing confusion

same sex gay marriage health insurance

Since a judge struck down the unconstitutional ban on gay marriage on Wednesday, hundreds have been married. While those hundreds of new same sex couples have been legally married in Indiana, they still face some confusion regarding health insurance benefits, as the state continues to await the decision regarding Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s filing for a stay. Until that decision is made these newlyweds don’t know whether their health benefits cover each other. At the moment, there does not appear to be any clear answer to whether or not the…

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