Massachusetts lawmaker aims to stop homeowners insurance rate increases

Massachusetts homeowners Insurance

After the losses from last winter that were greater than $1 billion, insurers have received approval for hikes. Although a decision has already been made to approve the homeowners insurance rates hikes that were requested by some of the top insurers in Massachusetts, the chairman of the Division of Insurance state Senate committee is now seeking to have that decision reconsidered by opening hearings to determine if those increases are truly justified. This is focused primarily on the rate increases approved for two of the largest insurers in the state.…

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State to investigate homeowners insurance rate hikes

homeowners insurance

Massachusetts launches inquiry into growing homeowners insurance premiums The Massachusetts Senate will be launching an inquiry into “troubling homeowners insurance rate increases.” Several homeowners in the state have been hit by large increases as insurers sought to recover from financial losses due to heavy snowfall last winter. Last year, record snowfall caused significant damage to property and loss of business, which placed more pressure on insurers who now want to recover from these losses. This is somewhat typical for the insurance industry, especially in the wake of significant natural disasters.…

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Parent’s Supervised Driving Guide launched by Safe Roads Alliance, Safety Insurance, and the Mass RMV

Top home, auto, and commercial insurer in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Safety Insurance, has announced that it is working with the nonprofit organization, Safe Roads Alliance, which works to promote driving safety, to offer The Parent’s Supervised Driving Guide with the support of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Registry of Motor Vehicles (Mass RMV). Safety Insurance and Safe Roads Alliance have created the program in their combined effort to better the awareness and education of drivers in Massachusetts by offering a free resource to guardians and parents of the recipients…

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