New Yorkers struggle to find health insurance coverage

New York Health Insurance

Federal law has helped make insurance more affordable, but not for everyone Many of those living in New York are still unable to afford health insurance coverage, despite the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The federal law provides many people with subsidies that can offset the cost of coverage, but even with subsidies, New Yorkers are finding it difficult to afford the policies they need. A recent survey from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that cost is the greatest barrier preventing people from purchasing health insurance coverage. Majority…

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Young adults are struggling to understand health insurance

online health insurance technology exchange

Study highlights a lack of awareness of insurance terms and difficulty navigating Young adults may be having trouble enrolling in health insurance exchanges through, according to a study from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The study revealed that many young adults had trouble navigating the federal insurance platform, which may come as a surprise considering that this demographic tends to be quite tech-savvy. This difficulty may be the result of the federal network’s structure, which has been criticized in the past for being ineffective. Lack of understanding could…

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Health insurance premiums for exchange policies to remain stable

Health Insurance Premiums Rise

Report highlights the stability of premiums for policies sold through state and federal exchanges The Urban Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have released a new report concerning the premiums of insurance policies sold through exchange networks in the U.S. The report notes that policies sold through these exchanges were less expensive than had been anticipated this year. For some time, insurers had suggested that insurance premiums would skyrocket due to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, but this has not yet been seen. Premiums are not expected…

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Research shows federal healthcare law is helpful to small businesses

Two new studies have shown that when compared to ten years ago, fewer Americans are receiving health coverage through their employers, but that the U.S. healthcare law of 2010 should assist with the stability of insurance sponsored by employers. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a non-partisan organization, sponsored the studies and will contribute to the current debates regarding the effect that President Obama’s healthcare changes will have on health insurance that is employer-sponsored. This is because the research indicated that under the new law, 30 percent of employers may decide…

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