Hurricane Matthew insurance losses may not be as bad as expected

cost of hurricanes to insurance

Early predictions estimated that insured costs could reach $25 billion to $30 billion from the storm. Early industry estimates had suggested that Hurricane Matthew insurance losses may be the second highest the country has ever seen. This storm represented the first direct hit the United States has experienced from a hurricane in over ten years. It is still too early to know the total cost of the damage it caused. Estimates had said it could be as high as $25 billion to $30 billion. This would make the storm the…

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Italy earthquake insurance losses may be minor

italy earthquake insurance

Damage from the quake was extensive and the aftershocks continued over a span of several days. The total damage from the devastating Italy earthquake has yet to be tallied as it is too early to know. That said, the insurance industry has predicted that the insured losses will not be significant. The property values in the affected towns and the lack of coverage has meant limited losses for insurance companies. Despite the fact that there won’t be tremendous insurance losses, the disaster left behind for the people is horrifying. In…

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New cyber security risk models may be needed for the insurance industry

cyber insurance policies coverage fraud

RMS and AIR Worldwide are working to build new risk models focused on the digital space Two risk modeling companies serving the insurance industry are beginning to focus more heavily on the digital world, hoping to form better cyber attack risk models. RMS and AIR Worldwide have seen the risks in the digital world escalate over the past several years. These risks are becoming more prominent and the majority of the insurance industry may not be able to tackle these risks appropriately with existing, outdated risk models. Recent cyber attacks…

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Lack of earthquake insurance could cause problems for the Bay Area

San Andreas Fault Line California earthquake insurance

RMS report highlights dangers for the property insurance sector in the San Francisco region The San Francisco region may be struck by a powerful earthquake in the coming years, and the potential damage such a disaster could cause may not be covered by insurance. RMS, a risk management firm serving the insurance and reinsurance industries, has released a new report that highlights the impact that earthquakes may have on the insurance sector. In California, earthquake insurance is becoming increasingly rare, as consumers and businesses alike begin seeing this type of…

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The Insurance Industry and Climate Change

Climate Change Insurance agents Industry

Climate change does not escape the notice of insurers Climate change is a controversial issue, but not so controversial that the insurance industry would avoid it. Indeed, many insurance groups around the world are beginning to consider climate change a very serious problem that should receive equally serious attention. While climate change has become heavily politicized, the insurance industry is keen to remain somewhat neutral on the matter, suggesting that the potential damages that can be associated with climate change are a more important subject than the cause of climate…

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