Peace of Mind: 6 Benefits of Construction Risk Insurance

Construction risk management

If you didn’t have a clue on risk management, it’s time you know about it. It’s a core leadership approach that safeguards your success from any potential threats and, ensures they’re dealt with before they derail your business. However, if you have problems managing your business or projects, you can always construct risk insurance to help you with management. Below are six benefits of building risk insurance. 1. It Enables You Spot Projects in Trouble Risk management enables you to see beyond the expectations. You can identify where more attention…

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Chartis adds reputation risk insurance product to its offerings

Chartis insurance company has announced that it has added ReputationGuard, a reputation insurance product, to its available policies, and that it will help to protect policyholders with the aftermath of threats to their reputation. This policy was developed by the Executive Liability division at Chartis. It provides policyholders with access to crisis communications and reputation professionals and gives them coverage for any costs that are incurred as a result of the impact or possible effect of negative publicity. What they came up with was an innovative new form of coverage…

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Hawaii’s hurricane fund in jeopardy of being drained

Hawaii may lose their state hurricane fund in an attempt to balance a 232 million dollar deficit. The fiscal year ends in three months and state officials are scrambling to find a way to balance the budget.  One approach that is being considered is to use part of, or all, of the 117 million dollars sitting in the hurricane relief fund. The state fund was started after the 1992 disaster from hurricane Iniki, which caused most insurers to stop writing policy coverage for hurricanes and related damage.  It took 10…

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