Flood insurance claims about to spike from massive Toronto flooding

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The IBC has already issued a warning to insurers of the area that there will be many filings. Following a tremendous sudden downpour in the city of Toronto in Canada, that flooded roadways, homes, businesses, subway stations, and even above ground trains, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is warning insurers that the flood insurance claims will be many and costly. The city has never before in recorded history experienced a storm like the one that struck on Monday. In its history, only Hurricane Hazel, which struck in 1954, brought…

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Flood insurance claims will reach $4 billion in Germany

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The waters of the Danube have now swelled outward to the point that they are headed for Serbia. The latest predictions have suggested that the damage that has occurred due to the rising floodwaters in Germany are likely to bring about flood insurance claims that will reach €3 billion (approximately $4 billion). This, according to a credit rating agency’s forecasts regarding the claims made from the water damage. Though the Elbe river’s levels appear to be stabilizing in the north of Germany, further to the south, the flood insurance issues…

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Disaster in Germany draws attention to flood insurance

Flood insurance enters limelight in Germany Over the past week, Germany has fallen victim to a catastrophic flood that has caused a significant amount of damage in some parts of the country. The flood began at the Danube River, which is the second largest river in Europe, and several other rivers quickly began to overflow. Combined, these rivers contributed to one of the worst flood disasters in Germany’s history and have put a great deal of strain on the flood insurance sector within the country. German floods expected to have…

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Flood insurance continues to baffle a fifth of all homeowners

Flood Insurance

A recent survey has shown that many property owners are not aware of what coverage they do or do not have. According to the results of a recent survey of homeowners, one fifth of the participants did not clearly understand what flood insurance coverage they had, and whether or not they needed to purchase an additional policy. The survey showed that nearly twenty percent of homeowners are unaware that they are uninsured. The study was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, in combination with Bankrate.com. What it determined was…

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Homeowners insurance concerns begin with late winter water issues

winter water homeowners insurance industry

As the season comes to a close, issues with water are starting to fall into the spotlight of the industry. Consumers are being advised to start looking at their home insurance coverage so that they know exactly what protection is available to them as the threat of water damage increases from a number of different sources as the late winter begins its onslaught. The late months of the season frequently bring a high risk of water damage along with them. While some of these water related perils are often covered…

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