Auto insurance silence remains commonplace among rideshare drivers

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Many participants in these programs are confused about the rules and are uncertain as to what to tell insurers. Despite the fact that the regulations with regards to the auto insurance coverage required by the drivers for rideshare programs such as Lyft and Uber have improved throughout 2014, and many cities have legalized the mobile app based transportation service, Forbes recently reported that many drivers are perplexed by the mixed messages that they have received and continue to opt for silence when it comes to informing their insurers. This is…

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Insurance news shows “sharing economy” isn’t adequately covered

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The typical policy is no longer protecting people in certain behaviors that have become commonplace. The latest insurance news from Oregon now includes a statement released by that state’s commissioner with regards to what he called a “sharing economy” and that the typical type of policy does not provide adequate coverage for using a vehicle as a part of a ride sharing service or for renting out a home. In Oregon, the insurance commissioner has previously remained quiet about coverage in these areas. Services such as Uber and Airbnb are…

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Auto insurance bill for ridesharing companies signed in California


This new legislation is designed to close the coverage gaps for drivers in this type of program. Governor Jerry Brown has now signed a controversial bill that is meant to provide a compromise and close the auto insurance gaps while at the same time calling for increased oversight of the rapidly growing industry of ridesharing companies and programs in California. Uber, the largest rideshare company in the industry, simultaneously announced plans for large scale hiring. The announcement made by Uber stated that the hiring would place a focus on bringing…

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Rideshare insurance effort grows in California

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The state is working to boost the coverage requirements for companies such as Lyft and Uber. California may soon require that rideshare insurance minimum coverages be considerably higher than they currently are, in order to give greater protection to riders as well as to make liability a great deal clearer when accidents do occur. A recent proposal would change the current regulations to a minimum of $1 million in coverage. The proposal was created by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and would require rideshare insurance to be comprised of…

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