New auto insurance policy designed for drive-share companies approved in California

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State Insurance Commissioner approves new auto insurance policy for drivers California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has approved the state’s first official auto insurance policy designed specifically for Lyft and Uber drivers. The policy has been formed to address the problems associated with drive-share companies and the insurance coverage that they offer to their drivers. The insurance policy is coming from MetLife Auto & Home. The policy will provide individual coverage for Uber and Lyft workers, providing them with the protection they have may have been lacking in the past. Coverage…

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California law aims to address ride-share auto insurance

california auto insurance

New law approved in California will have an impact on the ride-share market A new law in California will bring changes to the ride-share industry and how it makes use of auto insurance. Ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft have been at the heart of controversy concerning insurance coverage. These companies provide their drivers with coverage, but only when they are transporting a passenger, not when they are on the way to retrieve that passenger. As such, there may be significant coverage gaps that place drivers at risk  because they…

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UberX generates auto insurance controversy in Canada

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UberX has received criticism for the insurance coverage it provides its drivers Ride-share company UberX has generated some controversy in Canada concerning auto insurance. Toronto’s taxi industry has voiced concerns about the insurance coverage that UberX provides its drivers. Per the company’s policies, its drivers are not required to purchase commercial auto insurance. There are concerns that the company does not ensure that its drivers have liability coverage either, which could place drivers and their passengers in a risky position in the event of a major accident. All rides on…

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Ride-share companies may have trouble with auto insurance gap

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Insurance gap could threaten the future of ride-share companies as they continue to juggle financial risks and liability issues Ride-share companies are becoming more popular and they are beginning to feel pressure to address the insurance gap problem they have. The insurance gap has the potential to threaten the future of ride-sharing and if companies cannot find an effective way to address the issue, they may find it difficult to continue operating in some states. The problem stems from the relative youth of the ride-share sector. Because ride-sharing is so…

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