Allstate files insurance fraud lawsuit against chiropractors

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The suit alleges that three Providence practitioners were involved in a scheme to defraud the insurer. Allstate Insurance Company has filed a lawsuit accusing licensed chiropractors of insurance fraud. The suit specifically points to the owner of a clinic. The owner is accused of falsifying medical records in order to increase the size of the insurance claims. The owner also allegedly paid kickbacks to personal injury lawyers in order to receive client referrals. The insurance fraud lawsuit was filed with the U.S. District Court. Within it, Allstate alleges that Arianna…

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More people are gaining access to health insurance in Rhode Island

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Survey shows that state’s uninsured population is falling The number of people in Rhode Island that do not have health insurance coverage continues to fall. According to a new survey from Gallup, which was commissioned by the state, the number of people using the state’s insurance exchange to find coverage has increased significantly. These people have found that it is easier to find affordable coverage through exchange marketplaces. The exchange has also become popular because it offers access to federal subsidies that can make coverage less expensive. Uninsured population is…

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New York home to third highest auto insurance premiums in the country

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Study shows that auto insurance premiums in New York are higher than the national average New York is a notoriously expensive state, with a high cost of living and an abundance of luxuries that few other states can rival. For drivers, the costs associated with living in New York are all too clear. According to a study from, the state is home to the third highest auto insurance rates in the United States. Though New York falls behind both Michigan and Rhode Island in terms of insurance premiums, this…

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New York sees increase in health insurance exchange enrollment

New York Health Insurance

State has made progress in making its exchange more popular among consumers New York ranked fourth in the U.S. in terms of enrollment in health insurance exchanges, according to a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The state has made significant strides in raising awareness about its exchange and the services that it offers, which lead to more people enrolling in the exchange throughout the state. Several other states have seen an increase in enrollment as well, due to the marketing efforts that they have made to improve awareness among…

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Lawmakers want to do away with Rhode Island’s health insurance exchange

Health Insurance time decision

Lawmakers want the federal government to control the state’s health insurance exchange Some lawmakers in Rhode Island want to see control of the state’s health insurance exchange ceded to the federal government. The new director of the exchange, however, wants the state to remain in control of the exchange, called HealthSource RI. Director Anya Rader Wallack believes that the state has managed its own exchange successfully, and should continue to do so for the sake of the health insurance market. The Rhode Island exchange has managed to perform well while…

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Health insurance enrollment period extended in Washington

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States begin extending the enrollment period for their insurance exchanges The open enrollment period for health insurance exchanges in the United States has come to an end, but that may soon change for many states in the country. In Washington, the enrollment period has been extended until the middle of April, which will allow more people to sign up for health insurance coverage through the state’s exchange. In other states, lawmakers are considering extension to the enrollment period, as well. Federal penalties encourage states to extend their enrollment periods in…

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Health insurance rates could spike in small states

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Baby boomers relying more heavily on medical care could lead to a surge in spending Baby boomers are entering their “golden years” and this may have a significant impact on health insurance premiums for everyone else. An estimated 76 million people from the baby boomers generation are expected to create a surge in spending on prescription medications, health care, and hospice car. This may become a major financial issue for insurance companies, with insurers like UnitedHealth and WellPoint seeing few other options than raising rates. For some states, premiums may…

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