Why Life insurance policies are being purchased for those with student loans

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Student loan debt has been skyrocketing for quite some time now. No matter which field of education the student belongs to, or the level of education one is subscribing to (under grad or grad school), the student loan debt always seems to be at its bursting point. Last year the total debt amount generated by student loans climbed up to the second position in the chart of consumer debts, right below home mortgages and its total value was that of $1 trillion. The year before that, as per a survey’s…

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5 Medical Insurance Ideas Post-Retirement

Medicare 2012

Similar to planning your pension or retirement fund, planning your medical insurance for post retirement is largely a case of future planning. Taking into consideration the current global economic situation, we are living in a time of great financial insecurity. By planning ahead, we can hopefully try to cushion any unexpected financial changes, be it personal finances or state finances. These issues are hard to bracket into one general group, as everybody’s financial and personal situation is individual but these tips might help to get you on the right track…

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