Colorado Springs terminates red light cameras program

Colorado Springs police has announced that they will no longer be using cameras in order to help to capture images of red-light runners, despite the fact that this technique was praised only last week as having made the streets of the city notably safer. Pete Carey, interim police chief of the city, used a 2012 budget work session for the Police Department to tell the City Council about the decision. Carey said that it had not yet been determined whether or not the red light cameras had worked to reduce…

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Some California cities will continue with red light cameras

Various cities in Southern California have chosen to continue their commitment to enforcing red lights with cameras, regardless of L.A.’s decision to terminate the program. There was a unanimous vote in the Los Angeles City Council (13-0) in favor of ending the program after city officials deemed the payment of the fines for tickets issued by the cameras to be voluntary. This angered many motorists who had already paid their own tickets. Cities who remain committed to the program include Beverly Hills, where the program for red light cameras has…

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Red light cameras are not coughing up the big bucks as planned

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Unusual reports are coming out of South Florida regarding the use of automatic red light cameras. Instead of making the cities money, officials are reporting a financial loss, citing a number of residents fighting the red light tickets and winning. When first installed in the areas of Pembroke Pines to Fort Lauderdale, the communities expected millions of revenue for fines but just the opposite happened. Police officials are reporting more man hours spent in reviewing and preparing tapes for evidence, this due to more and more people are showing up…

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