Massachusetts insurance industry helping Massachusetts towns recover from explosions

Massachusetts insurance industry gas explosion support

After three towns suffered natural gas explosions, carriers are helping them get back on their feet. As three towns in continue to recover from several natural gas explosions, the Massachusetts insurance industry is trying to help. Certain specific insurance companies have stepped up to try to assist with the return to normalcy. The natural gas explosions rocked their communities as one person was killed and 25 were injured. Certain parts of the Massachusetts insurance industry have reached out to try to help those who are affected. The blasts occurred on…

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Insurance company provides communities with catastrophe preparedness education

Allstate Insurance company

The Allstate Foundation and Points of Light are taking a multi-city tour to help families to be ready. No matter how much we don’t like to think about them, disasters do happen, and the Allstate insurance company has taken part in a tour of several cities, as its foundation works along with Points of Light to provide communities with education about catastrophes and how they can prepare themselves in the event that they actually occur. As many disasters occur without any warning, it’s important for preparation to happen in advance.…

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Paradiso Insurance launches social media campaign to raise funds for tornado relief

In an effort to take advantage of the rampant popularity of social media, Paradiso Insurance, an insurance group based in Connecticut, has launched a new campaign aimed at helping the American Red Cross. Using social media has become a popular tool for the insurance industry recently. The industry often uses social media as a way to investigate claims as well as connect with customers. Paradiso believes that social media is a good platform to attract new consumers and is attempting to bolster its presence online. As such, the company is…

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