Insurance news story develops from Sony’s “The Interview”

The Interview - Sony - Insurance News

The entertainment giant could find itself struggling to cover the cost of the massive losses from its film. Although large corporations like Sony need to purchase coverage in order to be able to protect themselves against a tremendous range of different types of risks, an insurance news story is one of the many developing issues resulting from the cancellation of the release of the film called “The Interview.” It has been reported that Sony stands to lose about $100 million as a result of the movie’s cancellation. Sony decided not…

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Genetic testing should not be used by insurance companies, says privacy watchdog

DNA genetic insurance agent

There aren’t any laws that strictly prohibit the use of discrimination resulting from these tests. According to the main privacy watchdog in Canada, the use of genetic testing by insurance companies is not justified and the group is urging insurers across the country not to begin employing those methods as a part of their risk assessment. The rapid evolution of technology and science is making it challenging to protect privacy. According to insurance news from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, when it comes to the advances that…

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Insurance news looks good for customer satisfaction this year

car auto insurance

Auto insurers are enjoying the fact that they are pleasing their policyholders at record levels. J.D. Power is making insurance news with the release of its recent study report which has shown that vehicle owners are quite satisfied with their auto insurers, to the point that this satisfaction level has now reached record breaking levels since 2000. That date is important as it represented the first year that the U.S. Auto Insurance Study was conducted by J.D. Power. Even though the insurance news over the last five years has consistently…

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Insurance news zooms in on wearable technology

fitbit fitness tracker health care life insurance technology

Everything from trackers to wristbands and smartwatches are offering considerable opportunities to health insurers. Health insurance news is abuzz with the some of the latest mobile devices that are rapidly becoming mainstream, in the form of wearable technology gadgets that are sensor rich, providing considerable feedback about a person’s fitness levels and his or her body’s response to various activities throughout the days, weeks, and months. Although this would have sounded like something out of a movie, this tech is already readily available. With everything from the FitBit to the…

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Disability Insurance: U.S. workers underinsured

A recent survey performed by The Hartford insurance company showed that over 50 percent of US workers are without disability coverage and the percentage continues to climb.  The research suggested that only 44 percent of U.S. workers have a form of long-term disability coverage, while 49 percent have short-term disability coverage.  When compared to 2010 the percentage for long-term disability insurance dropped by 3 percent and short-term disability insurance fell by 6 percent.  Executive vice president, Ron Gendreau for the Group Benefits at The Hartford said that “We are concerned…

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