Crop insurance gets a boost from the USDA in 2014 Farm Bill

Crop insurance program 2014

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has now announced broader options for farmers and ranchers. The USDA has now announced that it will continue with the implementation of the 2014 Farm Bill that are designed to increase the coverage options for crop insurance for farmers and ranchers. Among the new provisions that is going to be added is the Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO). That provision will be available through the federal crop insurance program and will be administered by the Risk Management Agency (RMA). It is expected to become effective during…

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Crop insurance changes are on their way once again

us crop insurance program

The USDA has announced that the farm bill implementation will go ahead with two more updates. According to the USDA, the implementation of the farm bill is continuing forward with new changes that will be made to the crop insurance regulations, which will impact both coverage and the types of options that are available to farmers. The farm bill changes will lead to an increase in the coverage levels for farmers through their insurance. Farmers will be able to obtain more coverage levels through the changes in the crop insurance…

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