Florida insurance adjustors alleging fraud in Hurricane Ian payments

Insurance adjustors - Fraud

Independent licensed professionals are providing evidence of fraud among certain insurers. Independent licensed insurance adjustors in Florida have been providing state regulators with evidence of alleged fraud relating to payouts made following Hurricane Ian. Hurricane Ian was the third most costly storm in the United States and the most expensive ever for Florida. The storm caused about $109 billion in damage in Florida. Field insurance adjustors are providing evidence to state regulators of allegedly fraudulent conduct by insurers which would affect thousands of homeowners in central and south Florida. Some…

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Florida DFS hires 10 new property insurance fraud investigators

Insurance fraud

The Department of Financial Services has hired sworn law enforcement officers for the investigations. The Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) has hired 13 new employees, 10 of whom are law enforcement officers who will be investigating property insurance fraud, said Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis. The state Legislature approved the investigation squads in 2020, and the hiring is now complete. The insurance fraud investigators are based in Orlando and Tampa. They will be granted the authority to work with other law enforcement units as well as with the insurance…

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New York is fraught with insurance fraud

According to a new report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Buffalo, New York, is home to a staggeringly high amount of questionable medical insurance claims. Second only to New York City, Buffalo adds to the states already extensive history of insurance turmoil. The report takes into account all occurrences of claims that have been found as “faked or exaggerated,” as well as instances of “excessive treatment.” The 7,026 questionable claims were filed throughout the state last year. Buffalo accounts for 145 of those, with New York City taking…

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