Governor Newsom Calls for Swift Action on Property Insurance Rate Increases

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Newsom wants lawmakers to hasten the approval processes for insurers to improve the market California Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a call to lawmakers, urging them to expedite the approval processes for property insurance companies that are seeking to increase their rates. The governor feels the market overhaul is too slow Newsom recently addressed the press in Sacramento to announce the push he is making for legislation to require the California Department of Insurance to set a limit of no longer than 60 days for the completion of rate-filing reviews.…

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Homeowners insurance bill in Florida is moving up

homeowners insurance bill

The North Carolina proposal is only one of a large number facing the General Assembly. A bill regarding homeowners insurance is one of a large number being considered by the General Assembly in North Carolina, following a slew of others last week, including outdoor smoking bans, clean water issues, and autistic child coverage. This is because the General Assembly was trying to fit everything in before today’s non-revenue bill deadline. The bills – including the one for homeowners insurance – were required to pass their originating chamber by this date…

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Citizens Property Insurance of Florida proposes rate increases averaging 428% for sinkhole policies

Sinkholes have been quite troublesome in Florida recently. Earlier in the year, the state was inundated with insurance claims regarding damages caused by sinkholes. The majority of these claims, however, were fraudulent, as regulators discovered little to no evidence of sinkholes when investigating properties claiming to have suffered damage. The overwhelming number of falsified claims coming from property owners has caused many insurers to limit the extent of their coverage or otherwise raise the premiums associated with sinkhole insurance. Citizens Property Insurance, the state-funded insurance program, too will be raising…

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