Minnesota looting damage to generate insurance payouts of over $25 million

Looting damage

Protests over George Floyd’s death were particularly destructive to property in his home state. The looting damage and property destruction that occurred in some of the Minnesota protests over the death of George Floyd on May 25 while in police custody will bring insurance companies an estimated bill of about $25 million. This doesn’t take into consideration the destruction that happened in other places across the country. The $25 million estimate was calculated by Property Claim Services, an insurance industry company that tracks catastrophes. The firm labeled the protests as…

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Natural disasters from 2011 cost private insurance companies over $32 billion

As a result of the insured losses from natural disasters in 2011, private sector insurance companies will have paid over $32 billion in claims to assist businesses and homeowners to rebuild after damages caused by those events. According to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.), this figure breaks the records for all previous years in terms of federal disaster declarations. The I.I.I. president, economist Dr. Robert Hartwig, CPCU, the catastrophes that occurred in the United States in January through September resulted in 32.6 billion in losses that were directly insured. This…

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