Auto insurance digital proof cards legal in Illinois

Proof of Auto Insurance

The state has now passed a law that allows drivers to use their smartphones to prove their coverage. Drivers in Illinois will soon be able to choose whether they would like to prove that they have auto insurance using the traditional printed cards or whether they would rather use their smartphones to display a digital copy of this information. Some believe that this could mean that they days of digging through glove compartments may soon be over. On Friday, the bill to allow the digital auto insurance proof in Illinois…

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This week in Insurance News Headlines

insurance news video

Live Insurance News Video – This week in the headlines…   Stories we covered in today’s headlines along with notes and highlights… Title: Consumer satisfaction in homeowners insurance sector continues to climb  Insurance agents will be happy to hear that the latest report in from J.D. Powers makes note of consumers satisfaction is higher than ever when a claim is reported to the agent first opposed to them  being redirected to the insurance company. The study shows that consumer satisfaction is climbing despite the problems that recent natural disasters have…

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Auto insurance digital proof now accepted in Colorado

electronic proof of auto insurance

Cell phones can now be used to prove that coverage is present for vehicle policies. The state Senate in Colorado has just passed a new bill that has allowed drivers to prove that they have a license, registration, and auto insurance through a digital copy displayed on their mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Drivers carrying smartphones or tablets will now be able to prove their coverage with electronic versions of the card. The vote in the Senate was unanimously in favor of updating the auto insurance law…

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Auto insurance system in Alabama to crack down on uninsured drivers

Alabama auto insurance

Hundreds of thousands of motorists without coverage could be identified. A new system in Alabama has been designed to catch approximately 900,000 motorists in the state who do not have auto insurance. This system was created to help to make sure that drivers are abiding by the state’s coverage laws. The program should go into effect as of January 1, 2012. This will be the start of a statewide crackdown effort to help to stop the common occurrence of traffic accidents in which one or all involved parties are not…

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Can drivers use their vehicles without auto coverage?

Many drivers wonder if it’s legal to use their cars without any insurance, and the answer is that it is possible to do so in many states, as long as those drivers also have a very large amount of cash. In Ohio, as long as you carry a form of proof of financial responsibility, you are legally allowed to drive without any car insurance. To do this, you must either make a deposit of at least $30,000 with the state treasurer, or you must purchase a bond worth at least…

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Michigan insurance scam may have left many paying for phony coverage

Michigan insurance regulators are reporting that hundreds of drivers in Detroit may be victims of a scam. Nearly 1,000 fraudulent insurance policies were issued from a company based in Texas. State regulators have ordered Michigan-based Don Diamond and Ethos insurance to stop fraudulent deals as they continue investigating the situation. The policies in question seem to have originated from either Diamond or Ethos. Diamond argues that the fake policies come from malicious subcontractors in Detroit. While state regulators suspect that as many as 1,000 people have fallen prey to the…

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