What Types of Insurance Does Your Business Need?

business insurance what type do you need

There are types of insurance coverage that your company needs to legally operate in your state or in the U.S. and there are types that are recommended for businesses in your industry. To get the best comprehensive coverage for your company, it is a good idea to work with an agent familiar with your industry and with business insurance as well as research government and industry recommendations. General Business Insurance Most companies will be required to have general liability insurance and commercial property insurance to obtain a business license as…

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Candy store insurance often involves coverage beyond general business policies

Candy Store Insurance - M&Ms Star Wars Candy

These small business owners need protection for issues relating to their many types of confections. If you’re a confections business owner, then you may be surprised to discover that there are specific candy store insurance policies that you can tailor to your unique needs. Your business provides a range of different types of foods which come with a variety of risks. A candy store insurance policy takes into consideration the specific risks that can concern your business. After all, at any given time, you likely have hard candies, chocolate, popcorn,…

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P&C insurance agents must keep ahead of the latest threats to privacy

Agents and brokers for property and casualty insurance are being advised to keep abreast of the very latest information and statistics regarding the ever-growing risk of cyber attacks and the different kinds of coverage solutions that can allow their clients to decrease financial exposure. As hacking into private information of all types – financial, personal, and medical, for example – becomes increasingly common, insurance professionals must be able to keep up so that they can offer their clients the right forms of coverage, particularly in terms of miscellaneous professional liability.…

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Sony’s cyber liability claim may not be covered

In the wake of a massive data breach, entertainment giant Sony is turning to its insurers for help with the cost. A group of anonymous hackers overwhelmed Sony’s security late last month, stealing valuable customer information. Only two weeks after the initial attack, they struck again, getting their hands on even more data. To date, more than 100 million users of Sony’s online gaming and market platform have been affected, causing an estimated $2 billion worth of damages. The corporation has a multitude of insurance companies at their disposal and…

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