Care through public health insurance costs adults less than private plans

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Recent research also shows that the satisfaction level is higher among those adults. A recent study published in JAMA Network Open showed that adult Americans with public health insurance coverage face lower costs and experience higher satisfaction than adults with private coverage. The research involved a survey with 150,000 respondents comparing private and publicly sponsored plans. The survey showed that when compared to adults with public health insurance coverage, Americans with private plans often face less access to services, lower satisfaction and higher costs for care. The respondents were all…

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Health insurance challenging for children of same sex couples

same sex health insurance

The kids of families with parents of the same sex are not as likely to have private coverage as those of opposite-sex couples. According to the results of a recent data analysis, the children of families with same sex parents don’t have the same likelihood of having private health insurance as the children of parents of the opposite sex. The analysis looked into the penetration of coverage among children of various couple dynamics. The analysis was conducted by Gilbert Gonzales, MHA, and Lynn A. Blewett, PhD, from the State health…

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