State of the Union speech draws attention to wage insurance

unemployment wage insurance

President Obama brought up the topic of a long history of labor protection and the need for support for the unemployed. During the last State of the Union speech from President Barack Obama, he mentioned the topic of labor protection that has a lengthy history within the country and, within this subject, he brought up the concept of wage insurance. He underscored the importance of work done on the unemployment insurance and job-training programs currently available. Following the statement he made about the need for improvement in unemployment insurance and…

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National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness month draws attention to long term care insurance

long term care insurance

It also complements the fact that it November is National Caregiver Month, a celebration of over 15 million Americans. November is the time of the year which most effectively underscores the importance of long term care insurance as it is both National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness month and National Caregiver month. This is a time in which to learn more about dementia and thank those who care for individuals affected by it. At the start of this month, President Barack Obama released a statement that recognized National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness month,…

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Out-of-state health insurance companies may be able to sell policies in Washington

washington health insurance exchange

Washington lawmakers mull possibility of out-of-state insurers selling policies within the state For many Washington residents, health insurance plans from last year remain cancelled. These people saw their coverage evaporate at the beginning of the year as provisions of the federal health care reform law took effect. While some insurance providers have opted to continue honoring policies that were meant to be cancelled, per a provision from the Obama Administration, many insurers have opted to keep cancelled policies cancelled. Some state lawmakers believe that action must be taken in order…

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Federal unemployment insurance benefits collapse

Unemployment Insurance

Legislative inaction could leave people without benefits Some 1.3 million people will lose their insurance benefits at the end of the month due to legislative inaction from the U.S. Congress. Federal lawmakers have declined to renew emergency funding that had been implemented for the federal unemployment insurance program. The benefits provided by this program have provided consumers throughout the country with some degree of financial stability as they look for employment. Unemployment insurance was augmented by emergency funds due to ongoing economic issues throughout the U.S. that made it nearly…

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President creates new health insurance loophole

health insurance

Loophole formed within the Affordable Care Act President Obama has vowed to resolve the issues that have beleaguered the federal insurance exchange network, which was established by the Affordable Care Act. In what some are calling the first major step to actualize this vow, the President has opened up a new legislative loophole in the federal law. This loophole will allow some people to be exempt from financial penalties imposed by the federal law on those that do not have active health insurance coverage beginning on January 1, 2014. Financial…

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