Former President Barack Obama aims to boost Obamacare enrollment with new video

boost obamacare enrollment

The goal is to encourage more people – particularly young adults – to sign up before the deadline. In an attempt to give Obamacare enrollment a shot in the arm, former President Barack Obama released an almost ninety second video on his social media accounts. Obama hopes to correct the trend reversal in which fewer Americans have been signing up. Within the video, Obama urged Americans, particularly young adults, to head to and start their Obamacare enrollment before the deadline on December 15. His video was shared on Facebook,…

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President Obama proposes cuts to crop insurance

us crop insurance program

2017 budget plan aims to cut $18 billion in funding for the Department of Agriculture President Barack Obama has proposed a budget plan for 2017 that could have a major impact on farmers throughout the country. These farmers rely on crop insurance to protect them from the financial implications of natural disasters and underproduction, but this form of coverage has become a financial burden on the country. Obama has proposed to cut some $18 billion in funding for crop coverage offered through the Department of Agriculture over the next 10…

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President Obama seeks to make changes to controversial health insurance tax

obama health insurance tax news political

Obama to introduce changes to Cadillac tax with his 2017 budget plan President Barack Obama has plans to introduce changes to the controversial “Cadillac tax” that was approved in late 2015. Unlike the name suggests, the Cadillac tax has nothing to do with auto insurance. Instead, it is focused on health insurance, particularly plans that are sold in the private market. President Obama is set to introduce the changes he wishes to make to the tax when he announced his 2017 budget plan next week. Cadillac tax has been a…

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End of open enrollment period for health insurance exchanges is coming to an end

health insurance exchange

Consumers are running out of time to acquire health insurance policies Residents of the United States have until January 31 to acquire health insurance coverage through federal and state-run exchanges. The end of the open enrollment period of these exchanges is rapidly approaching and those without insurance coverage could face a penalty from the federal government. This penalty has grown this year, which may come as a surprise for some consumers that are unaware. Consumers throughout the country are being encouraged to acquire health insurance, either through, or through…

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Growth of health insurance in the US stalled in 2015

health insurance cost medical

Efforts to reduce the country’s uninsured population began to slow significantly in 2015 Health insurance has expanded in the United States, with the Obama Administration noting that some 11.3 million people have enrolled for coverage through exchanges throughout the country. Efforts to reduce the country’s uninsured population may not be going smoothly, however. The recent Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index found that reducing the uninsured rate among adults stalled in 2015. This has raised concerns that the Affordable Care Act may not be having the impact that President Barack Obama had intended.…

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Children’s Health Insurance Program wins more funding

Children arkansas health insurance

Senate approves legislation to reform Medicare payments and secure CHIP funding A measure to extend the funding for the national Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) has won unanimous approval from the U.S. Senate. Federal lawmakers have also approved a measure to reform the Medicare physician payment system, which could address issues concerning medical costs and the overall cost of the Medicare system itself. The measures approved by the Senate would replace the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate Formula with the Medicare Access system, ensuring that seniors have access to affordable outpatient…

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Flood insurance rate hikes set to hit Florida

Marco Island Florida Flood Insurance

Florida homeowners are preparing for major rate hikes as federal law’s provisions go active Florida homeowners are bracing themselves for a major increase in their flood insurance rates. Provisions of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 are set to take effect in the coming weeks and this will involve a major spike in insurance premiums. The law is meant to address the financial issues that have plagued the National Flood Insurance Program for the past several years. The federal program accounts for the vast majority of flood protection…

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