Another health insurance company in the US has been hacked

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Excellus announces that it has been hit by a major data breach Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, a prominent health insurance company operating in the United States, has announced that it has fallen victim to a data breach. The cyber attack affected Excellus as well as several of its affiliates, which may have lead to the information of some 10.5 million people being compromised. According to Excellus CEO Christopher Booth, the company was targeted by a “very sophisticated” cyber attack, making Excellus one of the most recent insurers to fall victim to…

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Washington approves 136 health insurance plans to be sold on state’s exchange

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New insurers have been approved to sell coverage to participate in the state’s insurance exchange The Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner has announced the approval of some 136 individual health insurance plans that will be sold through the state’s insurance exchange. The plans come from 12 insurance companies, which had requested for rate increases of 5.4%. State regulators have approved an increase in premiums of 4.2% for these insurers, however. Consumers will be able to purchase these plans during the exchange’s upcoming open enrollment period, which begins in November…

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Health insurance data breach exposes data of 11 million consumers

Health Insurance Data Breach

Premera Blue Cross has revealed that it was the victim of a major data breach Another health insurance company has revealed that it has been the victim of a major data breach from hackers. Premera Blue Cross has confirmed that hackers have breached its consumer database, with malicious attacks going as far back as May 2014. The insurer believes that the financial and medical information of 11 million people may have been exposed in the attack. If true, this would make the attack the largest of its kind against a…

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Health insurance rates on the rise in Alaska

Alaska health insurance

Insurance companies file for rate increases on individual policies sold in the state Health insurance companies in Alaska have filed for significant increases in premiums for the coverage that they offer for individual, non-subsidized coverage. State law tasks the Alaskan Division of Insurance with regulating rate increases, and the agency has, thus far, granted approval for rate increases averaging 37%. Rate increases will affect policies that go active in January 2015 and these rate increases will affect policies sold through the state’s health insurance exchange. Division of Insurance comes under…

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