Insurance companies accused of discriminating against the sick

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Patient advocates are now saying that insurers are specifically placing barriers in the way for some customers. Among the main goals of the health care reform had been to eliminate the existence of discrimination by insurance companies against people who have preexisting conditions, but leading patient advocate groups are now saying that this effort is being undermined by new challenges put into place by insurers. The insurance industry has responded to these accusations by saying that a legitimate cost control is being misinterpreted. At the same time, some state regulators…

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10 Ways That ObamaCare Will Benefit You


The Health Care Reform Act or Affordable Insurance Act, recently signed into law and often referred to as ObamaCare, is a very divisive political topic today. No matter where you stand on the issue, it’s good to consider why this law was developed and how it will benefit you. Check out these 10 ways that ObamaCare positively affects your healthcare coverage. 1. Health insurance providers can no longer cancel your policy if you get sick. This was a major complaint among consumers, who may pay for decades into a policy…

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Low enrollment in federal insurance program spurs a drop in premiums

Earlier this year, the federal government expanded the eligibility of a federal health insurance program to include those with preexisting conditions. The initiative was originally slated to take effect in 2014, along with the rest of the Affordable Care Act, but the Department of Health and Human Services enacted the new rules in an effort to ensure more people were receiving health insurance. The program, however, has been fraught with low enrollment, spurring the HHS to lower premiums by an average of 18% throughout the nation. The HHS hopes that…

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