Why Travel Insurance Claims Get Denied

Travel insurance claims denied

You’ve planned it all out. Your cousin, Ruby, is looking after your cat. The guy next-door is collecting your mail and watering your plants. And, your travel insurance will help out with any unforeseen circumstances you might experience during your vacation in sunny paradise. Right? Wrong. Your travel insurance policy may not cover as much as you believe. Yes, a huge number of claims are denied each year and here are some of the most common reasons. The Pre-existing Condition If you’ve changed your medication lately or your spouse has…

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Ten Travel Insurance FAQ’s

Travel Insurance

If you own a home, you need home insurance. If you have a car, you get auto insurance. Let’s not forget health insurance for you and your family, and if you have a pet, you can even get pet medical insurance. So, when you go on a trip, why not get travel insurance? Here’s ten frequently asked questions about travel insurance. “Nice vacation you got planned there. Be a shame if anything…happened to it. Maybe you should get some insurance, know what I mean?” 1. Why get travel insurance? You…

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Subsidized California health insurance program fails to meet enrollment goals

A subsidized program for health insurance in California that offers consumers an affordable form of protection when they have pre-existing medical conditions, has managed to break the 5,000 member level at its first birthday, but this was notably lower than the anticipated enrollment. The state had received $761 million from the federal government in order to operate the program until the 2014 start of the new healthcare insurance requirements for state-run insurance exchanges as a part of the Obama Administration’s healthcare overhaul. At the start of this subsidized insurance program,…

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California health insurance deadline quickly approaching for open enrollment

March 1st marks the deadline for open enrollment for health insurance that would cover children with pre-existing conditions in California. Parents are being urged to sign up for coverage before its too late or run the risk of higher health insurance rates. It is estimated that in California more than 1.1 million people under the age of 25 are diagnosed with pre-existing medical conditions which may seriously inhibit their ability to obtain adequate coverage. Parents who miss the deadline stand to face paying as much as 20% more for coverage.…

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