Business insurance is harder to find as Iraq breaks down

Iraq business insurance

Multinationals are discovering that insurers aren’t offering products to protect from financial loss in that country. As Iraq suffers from deepening insurgency, it is becoming increasingly difficult for multinational corporations to be able to find the business insurance coverage that they need to be able to protect themselves from the potential financial losses that they face from doing business in that country. It has reached the point that “political risk” insurance is nearly impossible to purchase. Without that form of business insurance, companies wouldn’t have any protection against having their…

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Nuclear insurance pool to be created by Indian government

Nuclear Insurance Power Plant

The purpose will be to help to address the considerable liability issue as the industry continues its expansion. At the moment, there are 20 nuclear power plants in India, and as the industry continues to expand, so will the liability associated with it, causing the government of that country to take the added step to form a nuclear insurance pool that will help to address that increasing risk. The issue of liability has been a powerful one in India, to the point that it has been a barrier in international…

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Nuclear plant insurance has a nuclear price tag…many go uninsured!

In the wake of the disaster in Japan, many are questioning whether nuclear power is safe. The continuing nuclear crisis in Japan has brought up many issues, one of them being the issue of insurance. Nearly every nation on the planet requires that their citizens have some form of insurance to cover the various aspects of their lives, such as protection for the vehicles or homes. The requirements for insuring a nuclear power plant, however, are surprisingly low. Japan’s nuclear disasters will cost taxpayers billions, a price that will be…

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